GUITARHD Calls John Jorgenson’s Ambitious 3-CD Box Set, DIVERTUOSO, “Epic” in Glowing Review

October 15, 2015 at 2:56 PM

Limited Edition, 3-CD Box Set Review by GUITARHD
(Cleopatra Records)

Guitarists and fans of guitar-based music have a special treat coming soon in the form of John Jorgenson's triple CD set Divertuoso. The word "epic" is tossed around too frequently these days without recognition of the original sense of its meaning; a grand scale poem such as Homer's Iliad and Odyssey or the Hindu classic Mahabharta. Jorgenson's heroic effort truly deserves to be called Epic as each of the three chapters are completely distinct styles; Returning  showcases The John Jorgenson Quintet performing Django styled gypsy jazz; From the Crow's Nest delivers authentic Bluegrass by J2B2 (John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band) and Gifts From The Flood treats listeners to exceptionally tasty instrumental electric guitar played on vintage instruments salvaged after the Nashville flood.

Only George Harrison's All Things Must Pass and Frank Zappa's Shut Up And Play Your Guitar have ever attempted a three-record set and Jorgenson stands firmly with these giants and goes even further by tackling such distinct and  diverse musical forms. A full review will be done after taking the appropriate time to really digest the rich meal placed before me. Having given it a complete once-through, I do not hesitate to recommend guitarists of all styles to get it. Jorgenson strikes me a true lover of music, able to appreciate and play in multiple styles. If you play primarily in a single genre you can dig deep into these three CDs and incorporate licks and ideas not native to your genre that can really inspire you to explore new directions in your own playing.

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Posted by Steve on
GuitarHD are certainly "on-board". Well deserved review. This is one of this year's releases I AM looking forward to. Hopefully my copy will arrive in the UK soon.
Posted by Colm on
A complete a guitar player as is possible. Looking forward to hearing the cd's.
Posted by Darren on
Just saw John in Paris, I had heard about him through The Hellecasters and Elton John but never owned anything. Robbed Ford and Larry Carlton were also on the bill. I do own quite a lot of work by these 2 artists. As much as a really like them it was John who really stood out. Through his virtuosic Guitar Playing, amazing mandolin skills and backing vocals. Immediately afterwards I saw that this album was just released (Divertuoso). To sum it up - Guitar Album of the year, no I'll rephrase it, Best Album of the year. Trust me I have bought and listened to a lot in the last 12 months.
Posted by Robert Schwartz on
Not to take anything away from John, I've been a major fan for years, but the Grateful Dead did put out a pretty decent 3 record set with Europe 72
Posted by Motown Mark on
I saw John Jorgenson Quintet a couple of times in Anchorage, AK. Come back soon. Also, please check out the new issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine (November 2016, p.81), where he is nominated as one of the top 5 featured artists of the year and where readers can vote on their favorite. (Vote early & vote often!)
Posted by texentish on
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